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Web Push Notifications Are The Most Super Engaging, Yet Vastly Under-Utilized Channel. Fortunately, We’re Here To Help. You Get The Best Out Of This Magnificent Channel

Start Leveraging Web Push Notifications In Your Marketing Strategies

Web Push Notifications Are An Excellent Way To Engage With Your Customers, However,It’s A Double-sided Tool. Generic, Repetitive Or Misguided Web Push Messages May Annoy Users, Forcing Them To Terminate Their Subscription.
We help you create notifications your users love!

Rich Template Builder

Create beautiful designs the catches your users’ eyes, with rich media and CTA. Campaigns with attractive content and CTA get 40-60% better results.

Personalized Messages

-Integrating our multi-dimensional segmentation tool, we guarantee super hyper-personalized messages with excellent open rates CTR of targeted campaigns is 1.5-2 times higher than for standard ones.

A/B Testing

Take accurate decisions and improve your campaigns CTR by analyzing: the Time to send, Notification design, Content of your message for each target Segment

Frequency Capping

We help you automatically control the number and frequency of notifications directed to a single customer using our advanced consent and message management techniques. So you don’t need to worry about annoying your users anymore


Save your marketing operations effort by creating and sending date-time-based and action-based automatic notifications to your customers. You don’t need to monitor every web push campaign you send out personally.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Short & To The Point

Delivered Straight To Your Customers’ Browser While They Are Already Online, Unlike Other Channels Like Emails That Can End Up In Spam.

Fast & Directed

Push Notifications Get Instant Reactions Whereas Emails Usually Get Reactions With A Delay Of 6.5 Hours.

High CTR

An Average Ctr Of 15%, That Can Go As High As 30% With Targeted Personalized And Attractive Content

High Subscription Rate

Let’s Talkan Average Opt-in Rate Above 6%. Approximately 3x Of Emails

Free Service

Unlike Other Channels Like Email, WhatsApp etc You Don’t Need To Pay Extra Fees For Push Notifications

Supported In All Popular Browsers & Android Smartphones


Abandoned Carts

Your shopper may add many products to their cart, but get distracted and don’t check out. Remind users of the items they’ve left behind whenever you detect they are leaving your website, or whenever they come back. You can incentivize their decision by offering free shipping or a discount code.

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Breaking Offers Flash Sale

The flash sale usually runs for a short period of time, hence, requires your customers to be updated at the right time. Web push notifications allows you to instantly update users about the flash sale. It will get delivered right on the browser and will be hard to miss.

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Personalized Recommendations

Using Lagorta, you can segment your customers based on their past actions. This could be browsing history, purchase history, download history, or any other action. i.e. if you have a segment for electronics, you can send web push notifications related to new arrivals in your electronics section, or you can even send relevant and complimentary product notifications

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Back to Stock Notifications

Avoid losing customers because you ran out of stock. With stock web push notifications, you can notify all users who visited the product page and left without purchasing that their favorite product is back. Drive higher conversions with this well-timed engagement strategy.

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Website Exit

Detect when someone is about to leave your website without doing the actions you were waiting for, I.e. without purchasing, registering, or even clicking a specific CTS. You can give your user a last chance to take action before they leave, by triggering a web push notification directly before leaving. And you can also offer discounts, vouchers, or anything that can attract them back in the future

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Deal Of The Month

It’s your golden opportunity to increase both existing customers engagement, and drive new traffic to your website. Using Lagorta’s Automated Journey Builders, you can launch multiple ongoing deal of the month’ campaigns targeting various segments based on their interests or browsing history.

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Generate More Revenue Using Your Personalized Push Notifications!

Offer targeted Ads to your 3rd party partners

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