Engage with your ideal audience at the right moment, through the right channel, and with the right content!


A unified solution to help organizations grow their businesses by optimizing their marketing spend, reducing churn, and increasing profitability. The AI driven marketing engine keeps customers continuously engaged at every touch point for a smarter journey. All this while maintaining the strictest privacy measures.


Your customer data; ingest and synchronize unified customer profiles seamlessly across our multiple marketing channels.


Your customer interactions; transfer complex data into actionable insights with advanced AI-driven techniques.


Tailored marketing campaigns; trigger your predictive analytics to convery curated messages and create personalized engagement.


Your customer journey; track your campaign workflow with real-time metrics and get instant and reliable recommendation.


Powered by AI and localized user-centric design, Lagorta enables marketers to track customer data and real-time events to create unified 360-degree customer profiles. Marketers can segment, analyze, collaborate to make hyper-personalized marketing decisions and enable external data moentization programs.


Customer Data Platforms are the key to understanding your customers. A powerful CDP comes at the heart of the process of building powerful analytics capabilities that consolidate data it to derive meaningful insights.

Unfortunately, most marketers miss out on these capabilities due to CDP complexity. Lagorta has mad that simple and convenient for the daily operations of every marketer.

The widely used One-dimensional customer segmentation is particularly useful in providing a quick and straightforward analysis of your customer, however, only one aspect is considered.

Lagorta’s Multidimensional customer analysis combines several customer characteristics, resulting in “real” more homogeneous customer segments with more informative value.

Marketing Automation is not only used to offload your marketing staff. You can achieve many objectives with the right data-driven marketing automation strategy like reducing customer churn, creating more and higher-quality campaigns or improving customer experiences in real-time by setting automatic triggers to engage with your customers in real-time.

A lot of marketers confuse multi-channel marketing with omnichannel marketing. While Multi-channel marketing is about interacting and engaging with your customers via different channels; each channel is handled independently

 Omnichannel personalization is focused on understanding customers through their behavior across all channels and targeting them proactively through their whole journey, not at a single touchpoint

Track actions your customers take as events, both while logged into your product on web or mobile and while visiting your website anonymously 

You can use the details of these actions to better segment your customers and send them behavior-based messages based on what they do, and when they do it, e.g. each time they make a purchase, or when they uninstall your mobile app, or you can build powerful behavioral customer insights.

Al-Driven techniques will help you achieve accurate and in-depth understanding of your customer responses to your campaigns and engagements. You’ll receive automated and insights to optimize your campaign timing, message, channel or target audience and increase your conversion rates.

Depending on a variety of self-service, user-friendly interfaces, Lagorta users do not need to have a technical background or get back to IT specialists to collaborate and get the required results.


Lagorta’s Merchant Portal is a single hub for your bank to get real-time 360 view of all your merchants, as well as customers, and communicate with them the right messages, at the right time, and on the right channel.

The portal is supported by an easy to use self-service platform for your merchants to manage their online & in-store payments, marketing, and customer information at any time on any device type.

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Lagorta’s B2B external data Monetization Platform is designed to enable enterprises, across various industries, to offer their data to their enterprise customers in the form of market insights, or automated marketing campaigns.

The “Data Monetization” platform allows your 3rd party B2B customrs to anonymously use your data to send targeted campaigns through multiple channels and devices, while maintaining the privacy of your end customers and conforming to the international data protection standards like GDPR.


Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Create a unified customer view from various different tools and sources

Mobile marketing

everything from social media marketing, to text message marketing, to mobile website optimization

Marketing Automation

Maximize efficiency by automating online marketing activities


Enjoy the endless possibilities for omni-channel marketing automation in every industry