Customer Data Platform

It’s no longer just about who offers the cheapest prices, most of today’s consumers like to be treated like a person, not a number. Keep the human touch in your brand with our Customer 360 view

Of Consumers Say They Are More Likely To Shop With Brands That Provide Offers And Recommendations That Are Relevant To Them. – Accenture
Of Consumers Say A Business Has Never Communicated With Them Online In A Way That Felt Too Personalized Or Invasive. – Accenture

Unified Users Profiles

85% of digital consumers start the purchasing workflow on one device yet finish it on another – This makes identifying your customer journey more and more challenging.

The Unified User Profile tool helps you aggregates real-time data across all customer touch points (social, mobile, web, CRM, PoS, Data warehouse, …etc).
to create unified and comprehensive customer profiles. This data could be:

  • Behavioral data from a website, app, or related channels, such as interests, searches, ..etc.
  • Transactional data from ecommerce or point of sale (POS) systems
  • Demographic data, like names, birth dates, and addresses
  • Or real-time actions like purchase, registration, unsubscribe, ..

Once collected, cleansed, and combined, this superset of customer data eliminates data silos and can be segmented to create highly personalized marketing campaigns.

Customer 360 Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard to consolidate insights about your customers, like:

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Daily, Monthly, or Yearly Growth of Customer-base
  • Mobile App Installations/ Website visits

RFM Analysis

Classify and analyze your customers behavior based on their RFM:

  • Recency: when was the last time they interacted with your brand?
  • Frequency: How often they interact?
  • Monetary: the average value of each customer transactions


Our AI Models will automatically classify your customers to Loyal, High Potential, About to Churn, … etc. Your customers will automatically move in and out your segments according to the criteria you have set for them.

Sales Funnel

Lagorta provides you a powerful tool to analyze your sales funnel based on each campaign, channel and platform, not only a generic customer funnel.

Customers Database Advanced Search

Using this powerful feature, you’ll be able to even do deeper classifications to your customers and create very complex selection criteria using every single attribute or piece of information you have about your customer. For example, you may need to dig deeper within your loyal customer and select the group that lives in a certain region and has a specific interest.

You can also export this information to external BI tools for further analysis

Detailed Customer Profile

Everything you need to know about your customer is aggregated and saved in one single view that can be accessed by any team member in your organization.

  • Basic Info & Loyalty score
  • Number and Value of Transactions
  • Detailed Transactions Report
  • Segments that your customer belongs to
  • Customer Tags
  • Get everything about the behavior and activities of a single customer across devices and platforms
    • View the list of campaigns your customer received on each channel and his/her response to each one
    • Activity List: The full list of actions your customer has performed on any device or platform with timestamp
  • Detect fraud and enhance your marketing personalized offerings.


Customer Actionable Insights

Utilize Geo-location analytics and heatmaps to understand your customers’  geographical Preferences

Generate AI-driven Behavioral Analysis based on your customer interactions

The AI engine automatically collects and compiles every action taken and classifies customers by interests, based on their changing behavior

Data Privacy & Protection

Protective Digital Privacy Standards

Whether On-prim Or On The Cloud, Protective Digital Privacy Standards, Measures And Technologies Are Strictly Applied To Protect Your Data From Intentional Or Accidental Destruction, Modification Or Disclosure.

Contact Policy & Consent Management

Capture And Save Customer Consent Details As Required By The GDPR Or Any Other Data Protection Regulation. Manage The Consent Of Each Person And The Frequency Of Contact Across All Communication Channels.

Standard Regulations

Lagorta Is Supporting The Standard Regulations (Kegdpr, Ccpa, …ate) That Your Business Must Follow In Order To Ensure The Sensitive Digital Assets (Personally Identifiable Data) You Own Are Guarded Against Theft And Misuse.

Flexible configuration

Protect your Sensitive user, customer and geographical locations data. Lagorta helps you easily block any type of data from being accessed by the application.

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