Drive Up Your Course Completion Rates

Multiply Your Average Number of Courses Per Customer And Drive Up Your Course Completion Rates

Unify Learners Data

Collect your learners’ data from multiple data sources and create unified 360 profiles

Segment Learners

understand your audience by classifying learners based on their interests, order history or demographics data

Personalized Engagements

Your learners are more engaged and interactive only if they feel that you’re addressing their very specific needs and interests. Use the segments you have created to send highly personalized engaging messages to your learners

Analyze Interactions

get better understanding of your learners by analyzing their response to your engagements and how they interact with your website or app

New Courses Notifications

Your frequent learners would love to be informed with any new courses that match their interest. Just add you new products and our engine will take care of sending notifications only to the relevant audience

Reminders For Unfinished Courses

Help your learners achieve their learning goals, and increase your average completed courses number by regularly reminding your learners with their unfinished courses

Send Recommendations

Perform automated up-selling and cross-selling by recommending more courses for your learners based on their past history, or their latest purchase

Notify Your Learners With New Offers

Make sure your learners are aware of your latest offers. You can even send them personalized offers or vouchers based on their interests, loyalty level, or demographics

Remind Your Learners Of Their Favorite Courses

Do your Learners add loads of courses in their wish list, but rarely come back to them? You can help them fulfil their wishes by sending automated reminders after a preset period, and offer vouchers along with your reminders

Collect Immediate End Of Course Feedback

You can add triggers that sends an automated feedback messages at the end of each course. Lagorta will collect and organize the feedback for you, so that you focus in more strategic tasks


Automatically collect your Learners views on any topics, like which course do you want to see? Or how do you like our video player to run the course?

Re-engage Your Inactive Learners

Use our RFM analysis tool to automatically classify your Learners to Loyal, Active, Inactive, … segments and Send automated “we missed you”, “How was your experience with us?”, “How was your last course?” messages to re-engage the Learners you’re about to lose

Looking For Extra Revenue?

Now, You Can Use Our Data Monetization Engine To Empower Your Instructors And Training Institutes With An Automated Ads Tool. Using This Easy To Use Tool, They Can Advertise Their Courses On Your Website Or Mobile Application, Or They Can Even Approach The Learners On Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram Or By Email. The Data Monetization Tool Automatically Charges Your Customers Based On Their Selected Packages And Rate Plans.

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