Leverage Gen Z’s Preferred Channel For Discovering New Products!

More Than 71% Instagram Users Are Below 35 Year Old And They Are Actively Looking For Product Recommendations

Turn Leads Into Customers

Follow Up on Initial Customers Actions And Encourage Them To Take The Next Step Like:

Optimize Your Customer’s Journey

Having A Two Way Engagement With Your Customers Allows You To Take A Friendlier And Personal Conversational Marketing Approach By Doing So Marketers Can Optimize Conversations By Building More Meaningful Customer Profiles And Then Use This Additional Data To Create Personalized Grip Campaigns

“Flip The Funnel”, Turn Customers Into Advocates

Use Lagorta’s Automated Journeys Tool To Show Your Customers That You Really Care.

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Create a unified customer view from various different tools and sources

Mobile marketing

everything from social media marketing, to text message marketing, to mobile website optimization

Marketing Automation

Maximize efficiency by automating online marketing activities


Enjoy the endless possibilities for omni-channel marketing automation in every industry