Boosting Revenue In A Difficult Economy

5 Data-Driven Automated Marketing Tactics Every Travel Business Need To Adopt Now!

Simple And Direct Tickets To Elevate Your Revenues

Re-engage With Previous Customers

Your previous happy customers are a guaranteed source of revenue, but a long time may pass before they begin thinking about their next trip Keeping in mind that travellers often book with the first airline, hotel, or car rental that comes to their mind, you must keep reminding your customers that you exist.

You can always keep in touch with your customers through our automated marketing journeys, tailored to each customer segment and sent to their favourite communication channel (i.e email, WhatsApp, Messenger, …)

  • Birthday and special occasions emails
  • Promoting your latest offers
  • Suggesting fabulous travel destinations
  • Reminding them of their loyalty points

Recover Lost Revenue

The challenge of managing “Lost revenue” is the hottest topic for the online travel businesses. According to market statistics, Abandoned carts rate in travel business can reach up to 81% compared to only 68% in other online retail businesses. 

Fortunately, with simple effective retargeting, you can recover up to 20% of your abandoned carts, up from the standard 8% recovery rate without marketing automation. 

Using our automated journeys engine, you can listen to any Add to Cart event, and trigger personalized reminders over any channel, like email, Whatsapp, .. etc.

Personalized Data-driven Offers

Almost half of the travelers do not have a previous plan when looking for a trip. Travelers are different and hence expect personalized promotions that match their needs and interests. 

Personalization starts with understanding your customers and their behavior. Lagorta’s Al-driven insights module and customer 360 profiles gives you a comprehensive view of what each segment of customers need and how they interact with your systems (website, mobile, … etc.) 

Our Predictive marketing approach leads to unique, specific and relevant offers sent to your customers via mobile, email, or even website pop-us. 

Once you get a better understanding of your customers’ needs, you can initiate deep, 1:1 engagement with each traveler across any channel.

Increased Brand Loyalty

customer loyalty is becoming more challenging. You’ll always need to ensures that the customer barely has to think of other alternatives. Instead, they are perfectly engaged and all the information they need is offered to them on time on their mobile device.
Keep your customers engaged through a complete Omni-channel Experience

Pre-arrival & Post-arrival Engagements

Immediate email, SMS or whatsapp confirmations with essential booking details, followed by Local guides with tips on where to eat, what to do, where to go, what the weather will be like, spoken languages (and a few travel phrases), what to pack and anything else that could be useful during their trip.

Collect instant feedback upon flight arrival, hotel checkout, rented car return, … etc.

Next Best Offer

You can increase your Average Order Value by simple upselling and cross-selling personalized recommendations. i.e. offering discounts on car rental with your customers’ hotel reservation, suggested destinations with discounted transportation or airlines tickets.

Generate New Revenue Stream
Monetize Your Data

Through booking systems, airlines/hotels can generate new revenue by providing airports, hotels, tourist places, … etc. a tool to reach out to their anonymous customers of interest with special omnichannel offerings and marketing campaigns

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