Real-Time Marchant Management, Marketing Engagements And Insights

A Single Hub For Your Bank

To get real-time 360 view of all your merchants, as well as customers, and communicate with them the right messages, at the right time, and on the right channel.

37% Of Your Customers Believe That Their Bank’s truly Understand Their Needs And Preferences

Your Customer’s Expectations Has Elevated

Are Your Ready For The Next Wave?

Proactively Engage With Your Customers

Dont wait until you receive an angry feedback. Use the Automated Journey builder to notify your customers with the critical changes or updated to your service, and to collect regularly feedback on your Service level.

Promote Your Services

Using the campaign engine, let your customers hear about your wide range of products and services and what makes them different and better.

Provide Omni Channel Customer Experience

Customers prefer a variety of channels to connect with banks and perform banking operations.

Our 12+ available channels offer you a comprehensive omni- channel customer experience and makes your bank always present to customers regardless of the platform or channel.

Leverage Customer Insights

Understanding your customers’ behavior and journey is a key driver to enhancing your customers’ banking experience. The customer 360 module avails the crucial actionable insights that every bank needs to understand what their customers are looking for and their expectations from their banks. 

We gather as much information as possible for you through tracking all customer events and interactions regardless of the platform or communication channel.

Personalize Your Customer Experience

The multi-dimensional segmentation module is designed to provide you with the deepest level of drilling-down in your customer’s data. Using this user friendly and advanced engine, your marketers can achieve the highest levels of hyper- personalization

Automated E-Statement & Email Marketing For Banks

Banks are seeking all-in-one, scalable and fully integrated, web-based email marketing and e-mail automation solutions. We equip you with everything necessary to create and manage campaigns including customers’ opt-in/out, address lists management, segmentation, analytics and reporting.


Real-time merchant Management Marketing Engagement and insights

A single hub for your bank to get real-time 360 view of all your merchants, as well as customers, and communicate with them the right messages. at the right time, and on the right channel.


Real-time Payments & customer management And 3rd party marketing

An easy to use self -service platform for your merchants to manage all of their online & payments, marketing, and customer information at any time on any device type.

Your Data Is Safe With Us!


Lagorta is on a wide set of flexible APIs Integrations that can be used push or retrieve data from your existing applications 8 live systems.

Data Privacy & Protection

Protective Digital Privacy Standards

Whether On-prim Or On The Cloud, Protective Digital Privacy Standards, Measures And Technologies Are Strictly Applied To Protect Your Data From Intentional Or Accidental Destruction, Modification Or Disclosure.

Contact Policy & Consent Management

Capture And Save Customer Consent Details As Required By The GDPR Or Any Other Data Protection Regulation. Manage The Consent Of Each Person And The Frequency Of Contact Across All Communication Channels.

Standard Regulations

Lagorta Is Supporting The Standard Regulations (Kegdpr, Ccpa, …ate) That Your Business Must Follow In Order To Ensure The Sensitive Digital Assets (Personally Identifiable Data) You Own Are Guarded Against Theft And Misuse.

Flexible configuration

Protect your Sensitive user, customer and geographical locations data. Lagorta helps you easily block any type of data from being accessed by the application.

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Create a unified customer view from various different tools and sources

Mobile marketing

everything from social media marketing, to text message marketing, to mobile website optimization

Marketing Automation

Maximize efficiency by automating online marketing activities


Enjoy the endless possibilities for omni-channel marketing automation in every industry