Give Your App A Push! And Engage Your Users More

Reduce Your App Uninstallation Rate By Sending Mobile Push Notifications That Your Customers Love The Receive

Increase Your App Retention

Detect Uninstallations Before They Happen

On Average, Apps Get Deleted In 5.8 Days After They’re Last Used. Our Trackable Push Notifications Will You Give You Insights
About User Behaviour After Hearing Again From You. You Can Then Take Appropriate Action To Avoid Losing Those Users.

Welcome Your New Users

Sending just one onboarding related push notification during first week can increase app retention by 71% over 2 months. You can automate this process with Lagorta and save the huge overhead required

Re-engage Hibernating Customers

Accurate segmentation is a key driver in targeting inactive users before they churn. The RFM segmentation tool brought to you by Lagorta will automatically classify your app users based on the recency and frequency of their usage, and will also detect the users who never or little purchased.

Based on this accurate analysis, you can then leverage Lagorta’s Automated Journeys to send targeted push notifications, i.e. collect feedback from silent customers to know the reason of their disengagement or send Offers and discounts, product/services highlights or even exciting updates

Boost Your Sales

Half of the Mobile app users make an in-store purchase after receiving a push notification triggered by profile data

Event-Triggered Notifications

Send Offers And Discounts Based On Your Users’ Actions, Like Browsing Certain Product

Upselling/ Cross-S elling

Send Offers Relevant To The Recent Purchases Of Your Users

Recover Abandoned Carts

Save Your Shopping Carts Before They Go To Waste, By Sending Reminders And Offers

Measure ROI

Track The Actual Impact Of Your Campaigns On Your Sales And Improve Your Results

Location-based Notifications

Send Instant Offers While Your Customers Are Already In Store Or Shopping Around It

Increase Your Brand Loyalty

Your Customers Become Loyal To Your Brand When They Are More Engaged And Valued. Our Advanced Segmentation And Automated Journeys Will Grantee Your Continuous Presence In Your Customers Lifecycle

Celebrate Their Birthdays

Share Their Special Occasions

Send “thank You” Notes

Send Discounts & Promotions

Fast Deliver Your Important Updates

50% Of Users Enable Push Notifications To Gain Access To Special Deals Or Exclusive Offers And The Vast Majority Are Looking For Urgent Updates

Bad Weather Update

Back In Stock Products

New Products and Services

Limited Time Promotions

Location-Base Announcements

Traffic Updates

Our Techniques To Make Your Customers Eagerly Looking For New Notifications From You

Getting Meaningless Push Notifications Is Very Annoying and can lead Too Many Users To Uninstall Your App Or Even Stop Buying From You Alto gather Fortunately We Developed The Right Techniques To Help You Avoid Churn Due To Multifunctional Notifications.

Personalized Messages

Personalization Of Push Notifications Can Deliver A 4x Lift On Open Rates Integrating Our Multi-Dimensional Segmentation Tool.
We Guaranty Super Hyper Personalized Messages With Excellent Open Rates.

Control The Timing

Bad notifications timing can lead to losing many users. We give you the ability to automatically control the sending times

Frequency Capping

We help you automatically control the number and frequency of notifications directed to a single customer using our advanced consent and message management techniques. So you don’t need to worry about annoying your users anymore

A/B Testing

It’s critical to keep testing and optimizing your notifications. We nake sure to monitor your customer interactions over time to measure the effect each push notification on different user segments.

Rich Template Builder

Create beautiful designs the catches your users’ attentions, with options to add rich media and CTA.

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