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Mobile Marketing is the fastest way to reach your customers

An Average User Spends 4 Hours And 10 Minutes Using a Mobile Device Every Day, And Three-Fifths of Shoppers Prefer Brands That Allow Them to Buy On Mobile.

Create a unique 1:1 personalized experience

On top of the powerful Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platform tools, Lagorta is also offering a variety of multi-channel mobile marketing techniques.
Using Lagorta’s Mobile Marketing tools, you can reach your customers on their smartphones, feature phones, tablets, or any other related devices through SMS, messaging apps, social media, or mobile applications.

Mobile In App Marketing

Send real-time, personalized messages from your mobile app directly to a user’s mobile device. Or you can also show dynamic content i.e banners and pop-ups or automate your onboarding messages (walkthroughs) based on your customers’ behavior and preferences.

Social Media Marketing

Social media makes it easy to create a personal connection with your customers via messages. Using Lagorta you create specific customer segments, and send them direct messages to their Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram and Instagram.

SMS marketing

SMS is still a powerful mobile marketing tool because text messages have high deliverability, open and engagement rates and your customers don’t have to be online, so it’s very effective in real-time instant Ads

Location-based Marketing

Uses the GPS function on smartphones to show promotions and relevant content according to users’ locations. For example, you can show a promotion for a restaurant to someone who’s in the area and encourage that person to visit the restaurant.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Cost Effective

Accessible & Immediate



High Open Rates

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From segmenting users to automation platforms, explore how our marketing automation tools can make your Mobile Marketing Strategy more efficient (Learn More button redirects to Marketing Automation page)

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