Enable your Fast, Efficient & Cost Effective Way To Engage With Your Customers On A More Personal Level

Telegram is currently the Eighth Most Popular messaging app in the world, with more than 700 Million + users worldwide in 2023 and over 200,000+ new users signing up each day.

Telegram Marketing is the fastest Growing marketing method to grow and expand your business or brand.

Increase Brand Exposure

Lagorta enables you to use Telegram Channels to send a one-way Telegram broadcast message to promote your products, services, and other content by regularly updating your followers with new information, offers, and deals.

Send Automated Customer Engagements

Using Telegram Groups and the Lagorta Segmentation Module, your business creates a more personalized setting where you can engage with your most loyal customers, share exclusive content, and create a sense of community.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Use Lagorta Telegram Campaigns to increase the traffic to certain site pages. Share links to your product and services pages, invite your customers to check out your new collection or share a link to your client reviews

Increase Customers Engagement

Using Lagorta Campaigns, you can send automated polls to get to know the opinion of your customers about your product or service, or you can send a quiz about certain products to keep your customers engaged and entertained. 

We Help You Use Telegram The Best Way Ever!

Rich Template Builder

Create beautiful designs the catches your users’ eyes, with rich media and CTA. Campaigns with attractive content and CTA get 40-60% better results.

Personalized Messages

Integrating our multi-dimensional segmentation tool, we guarantee super hyper-personalized messages with excellent open rates CTR of targeted campaigns is 1.5-2 times higher than for standard ones.

A/B Testing

Take accurate decisions and improve your campaigns CTR by analyzing: the Time to send, Notification design, Content of your message for each target Segment

Frequency Capping

We help you automatically control the number and frequency of notifications directed to a single customer using our advanced consent and message management techniques. So you don’t need to worry about annoying your users anymore


Save your marketing operations effort by creating and sending date-time-based and action-based automatic notifications to your customers. You don’t need to monitor every web push campaign you send out personally.

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