Top 13 AI Marketing Tools in 2024 to Grow Your Business

Artificial intelligence marketing tools are some of the most exciting tech innovations for marketers in 2024. Powerful AI algorithms, advanced natural language processing, and machine learning capabilities allow these tools to automate many difficult or time-consuming marketing tasks.

This expanded article will provide an in-depth overview of 13 of the top AI marketing tools that can help boost your digital marketing efforts this year. Whether you need AI writing assistants, social media managers, SEO optimizations, analytics, or advertising campaign creation, AI-powered platforms offer marketers the latest technologies to grow their business.

What Marketing Tasks Can AI Tools Perform?

AI tools can help with a wide range of marketing responsibilities, including:

  • Content creation – AI writing assistants can generate blog posts, social media posts, emails, ad copy, and other content. Advanced tools allow you to specify tone, voice, and other parameters to match your brand style.
  • Social media management – AI can create social media posts, monitor brand mentions across platforms, analyze performance metrics, and more. This saves social media managers huge amounts of time.
  • SEO optimizations – AI tools optimize on-page elements such as metadata, headlines, schema markup, and more. They also assist with keyword research, backlink analysis, site audits, and tracking keyword ranking positions.
  • Analytics and reporting – AI analyzes raw marketing data, detects crucial performance patterns and insights, and creates customized reports and dashboards for stakeholders.
  • Campaign creation – AI platforms can help design, target, automate, optimize, and analyze multi-channel digital advertising campaigns from start to finish.
  • Customer support – AI chatbots and virtual assistants can answer routine customer queries to ease support workloads on human teams. Useful as a first-line support solution.

In addition to these core capabilities, AI marketing tools are expanding into predictive analytics, personalized messaging at scale, anomaly detection, attribution modeling, lead scoring, and more.

How Exactly Does AI Help With Content Creation?

Modern AI marketing tools leverage natural language generation (NLG) to create high-quality, human-like marketing copy at scale. After providing the AI assistant with some initial prompts, keywords, and content guidelines, these tools can generate entire blog posts, social media captions, quiz questions, emails, ad copy, and other content automatically.

Some of the advanced content AI tools even allow marketers to specify different voices, tones of voice, writing styles, topics, angles, and other parameters to closely match their brand style. The AI will then write fully original drafts optimized for relevance, accuracy, and uniqueness.

By handling the bulk of the research and writing process automatically, AI writing assistants save massive amounts of time for both marketing teams and agencies while leading to more content published at higher quality levels. This influx of better content, in turn, lifts engagement metrics, conversion rates, and ROI from content marketing programs.

For many modern brands, AI writing assistants have become an indispensable tool that transforms not only the volume of content they can produce but also its personalization and performance.

Top 13 AI Marketing Tools For 2024

Here are 13 of the most promising AI marketing platforms on the market this year:

1. Lagorta – The Autonomous Growth Engine

Lagorta bills itself as an “autonomous growth engine” for forward-thinking B2C and B2B enterprises looking to drive continuous expansion through customer engagement powered by artificial intelligence capabilities.

After watching Lagorta’s concise yet compelling introductory video showcasing real examples of the platform in action, it becomes clear that this solution merits serious consideration for marketing teams aiming to deliver personalized, relevant omnichannel experiences.

So, what exactly does Lagorta offer?

At its core, Lagorta combines the capabilities of a customer data platform (CDP), segmentation tools, lifecycle management, and real-time marketing automation enhanced by AI algorithms. This empowers your marketing team to identify precisely targeted customer and prospect segments and then orchestrate timely, tailored messaging across channels.

Specific platform features powering this autonomous engagement include:

  • Robust segmentation – Split audiences into fine-grained clusters based on attributes, behaviors, predictive models, and AI-detected data patterns. Build highly specific buyer personae.
  • Omnichannel execution – Sync messaging across advertising platforms, websites, mobile apps, email, SMS, call centers, and more to surround consumers with consistent experiences.
  • Smart content curation – Leverage rules and AI to promote the right content to the right users in the moment based on their real-time activity and predicted next steps.
  • Built-in testing – Lagorta makes optimization simple through easy channel integrations, customer grouping, and continuous measurement of engagement metrics to spotlight top-performing segments and strategies.

The company rightfully positions its offering as moving beyond traditional martech and CRM tools by embedding AI and automation at the core. Through machine learning models trained on customer data, interaction patterns, and outcomes, Lagorta essentially develops a longitudinal understanding of which consumers desire what content when across the buying journey to optimize future messaging accordingly.

Rather than just overlay analytics or personalization on top of traditional systems, Lagorta looks to function as an autonomous AI layer driving the end-to-end customer growth cycle.

2. – AI Content & Writing Assistant offers one of the most advanced AI writing assistants available today. The platform allows you to generate marketing copy, emails, social posts, ad headlines, blog posts, case studies, and various other content simply by entering a few keywords and content prompts.’s AI writing assistant creates original, creative copy that resonates with modern audiences. It is used by over 500,000 marketers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 brands to automate content creation.

The assistant can capture your brand’s tone of voice after analyzing just a few examples of existing content. From there, it writes and iterates upon an unlimited number of new pieces of copy tailored to your target customer profiles.

3. Metrica – AI-Powered Marketing Analytics

Metrica uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze all your marketing data, detect crucial performance insights, and optimize your digital campaigns.

With custom dashboards, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and detailed reporting, Metrica helps marketers allocate budgets, spot issues, test new initiatives, and continuously improve performance. It’s an analytics tool no modern marketing stack should be without.

4. SocialBu – AI Social Media Manager

SocialBu is an AI-powered social media management platform built to save you hours normally spent on manual tasks. Core features include AI content writing, automated posting, rich analytics, and optimized profile management.

Beyond creation and posting, SocialBu tracks audience engagement across platforms and benchmarks your metrics against competitors. With its machine learning optimization engine, the tool tailors all your messaging and content to maximize reach and engagement.

5. SEMRush – SEO & Keyword Research

While not focused exclusively on AI technology, SEMRush integrates machine learning throughout its market-leading SEO toolkit. It remains a go-to option this year for keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, and organic visibility.

6. Instapage – AI-Powered Landing Page Creator

Design high-converting, customized landing pages through Instapage’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder and AI optimization tools. The platform is great for marketers running lots of paid advertising campaigns across search, social, display, and more.

Instapage’s AI Assistant feature provides real-time suggestions for copy improvements, layout changes, elements to add or remove, and more to lift conversion rates. Easy A/B split testing was built as well.

7. Hyn – AI Email Marketing Platform

Hyn focuses on using AI to automate subscriber communications for email marketers. Schedule complex autoresponder sequences, leverage machine learning algorithms to segment your audience, personalize email content, and integrate it all with your existing CRM and sales systems.

Beyond its core platform, Hyn offers an AI Copywriting Chrome extension that allows you to instantly turn bullet points into complete email copy by simply highlighting text. It’s seamlessly integrated with the rest of the platform.

8. Adefer – AI Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Chatbots and virtual assistants have become essential customer service tools, as they can answer routine questions around the clock to reduce human workloads. Adefer builds AI-powered assistants tailored for marketing teams looking to smooth communications.

With advanced natural language processing capabilities, Adefer’s chatbots understand complex queries, engage website visitors, qualify leads, and route them appropriately. All are powered by machine learning for continuous improvement.

9. Frase – AI-Powered Content Research

Frase is a forward-looking content intelligence platform enhanced by AI topic modeling algorithms. Discover trending topics within your industry, leverage machine learning to generate content ideas in bulk, research what resonates with your targets, and strategize effective messaging angles – all in one place.

While Frase supports creators across blogging, video, and podcasting, its breadth and depth of relevant data make it an invaluable resource for enterprise content marketers overseeing large portfolios.

10. Adzooma – AI Ad Management Suite

Managing a portfolio of paid advertising campaigns can quickly become overwhelming. For marketers running lots of paid search, shopping, display, and social campaigns, Adzooma can be a lifesaver.

Its AI tools automatically optimize elements like campaign targeting, creative content, landing pages, budgets, bids, and more 24/7 to boost marketing performance. This frees up human marketers to focus on high-level strategy.

11. Funnely – Marketing Campaign Manager

As an all-in-one campaign management suite, Funnely centralizes your initiatives across channels for streamlined reporting and governance. It packs AI tools for data-backed decision-making in areas like predictive budget planning, campaign performance forecasting, and automated optimization.

With custom views and team permissions, Funnely enables both transparency and control across groups. If your marketing org needs to tighten its coordination for 2024, Funnely warrants a close look.

12. – AI Marketing Ethics Compliance

As advanced as modern marketing AI has become, platforms still make mistakes like data biases and inappropriate content. offers tools for testing your marketing tech stack for biases, data quality issues, model fairness, and content safety.

Especially important for heavily regulated industries like finance and healthcare that rely on AI, can scan your marketing content, creatives, and data practices to uncover potential compliance risks and prescribe fixes. Ethics will remain key as AI advances.

13. Obie – Knowledge Management

Obie helps enterprise marketing teams organize their collective knowledge via a centralized AI-powered knowledge base. Marketing ops leaders can create wikis with institutional memory, surface best practices across campaigns, and recommend related content in context.

With so much information siloed across email threads, Slack channels, folders, and docs, Obie brings everything together for continuous learning and management. Its AI connects related materials, so nothing gets lost.

Emerging AI Marketing Use Cases

Beyond the standard applications of AI in areas like content production, social posting, SEO, and advertising, some emerging marketing use cases stand out going into 2024:

AI For Customer Churn Prediction

Advanced machine learning algorithms leverage vast volumes of customer usage data to detect signals and patterns predictive of churn risk months in advance. Marketers receive alerts to proactively offer promotions, service upgrades, and tailored messaging to at-risk customer segments. This has proven effective at reducing churn rates by over 20% in multiple industries.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

DCO platforms use AI to generate thousands of ad creative variations and then continually test them against one another to determine optimal messaging personalization down to the individual user level.

By automatically customizing image components, copy, calls-to-action, etc., and only showing higher-converting variants, marketers see significant campaign performance lifts. DCO gets your ads, emails, site content, and more working harder through the power of AI-driven iteration and testing.

Anomaly Detection & Disruption Management

AI pattern detection within marketing data helps you find anomalies, outliers, and significant changes in trends indicative of disruption or issues needing intervention. Multi-variant anomaly detection across metrics like site traffic, social reach, lead volume, churn rate, and more is now an indispensable capability, allowing rapid responses.

Marketing teams receive alerts the moment irregularities appear, allowing them to troubleshoot problems through root cause analysis much faster than previously feasible. Data science assists in rapid mitigation and recovery.

AI For Next-Best-Action Modeling

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms integrate data on past lead, customer, and prospect behaviors with live activity to determine the ideal content, offer, or call-to-action to display next. Complex AI models predict the messaging variants most likely to convert based on all available data signals.

This powers real-time lead scoring, personalized push notifications, tailored landing pages, and dynamically-assembled email sequences. Getting the right message to prospects at the right time during their buyer’s journey is now automated via AI to boost conversions.

The Future of AI In Marketing

As this expanded overview shows, AI marketing tools ranging from writing assistants to data scientists are fundamentally transforming virtually every marketing responsibility:

  • 1. Higher Efficiency: Tasks that previously required hours of human effort, like writing original content or analyzing customer data, are now completed automatically by AI. This results in greater workflow efficiency.
  • 2. Higher Quality: Optimizing and iterating marketing deliverables for relevance, personalization, and performance leads to superior results across channels like content, social, advertising, and email.
  • 3. Greater Scale: AI allows marketers to produce massively more content tailored to micro-audiences and to manage drastically larger paid media budgets across search and social platforms.
  • 4. Better Intelligence: Spotting crucial insights within exponentially growing troves of customer data is only possible with the help of machine learning detection algorithms. Future innovations rely on AI capabilities.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the best AI marketing tools?

A: The best AI marketing tools include platforms that use AI to optimize marketing strategies, create content, improve customer experience, and enhance social media marketing efforts.

Q: How can AI tools help in digital marketing?

A: AI tools for digital marketing can assist marketers in content generation, customer experience enhancement, email marketing, SEO optimization, and staying updated with market trends.

Q: What are the top AI marketing tools for content marketing?

A: The top AI marketing tools for content marketing include AI writing tools, content generation platforms, and generative AI assistants for marketing teams.

Q: How can AI marketing tools help marketing teams?

A: AI marketing tools can help marketing teams by providing support in creating content, optimizing marketing strategies, enhancing customer experience, and staying updated with market trends.

Q: What is the significance of using AI marketing tools for social media marketing?

A: Using AI marketing tools for social media marketing can help in content creation, improving engagement, and optimizing marketing campaigns for better results.

Q: How can AI marketing software benefit businesses?

A: AI marketing software can benefit businesses by offering AI-powered solutions for content creation, marketing automation, and optimization of marketing strategies to help grow the business in 2024.

Q: Are there AI marketing tools specifically designed for email marketing?

A: Yes, there are AI email marketing tools that can assist in creating content, optimizing email campaigns, and improving customer engagement through AI-powered solutions.

Q: How can AI tools help marketers with content strategy?

A: AI tools can help marketers with content strategy by offering content creation support, SEO optimization, and market trend analysis to enhance the overall content strategy.

Q: What are the best AI tools for content creators?

A: The best AI tools for content creators include platforms that use AI and machine learning to assist in writing, editing, and optimizing content for various marketing purposes.

Q: How can AI marketing tools help in growing a business?

A: AI marketing tools can help in growing a business by offering AI-powered solutions for content creation, marketing automation, and optimization of marketing strategies to enhance business growth in 2024.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to continuous progress in natural language processing, generative machine learning, and more, forward-looking marketing organizations are already embedding AI tools across their technology stack headed into 2024.

The platforms showcased above represent some of the top options worth evaluating this year. Visit their sites for demos and free trials to experience the power of artificial intelligence for growing your business firsthand. The marketing potential of AI is brighter than ever.




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