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1Bring In All Your Data

Easy connect to your e-commerce platform. Connect to all your data in one single step.

you can bring in this data from multiple datasources like API connectors, Oracle, SQL, Access, excel or even text files.

Or directly from your e-commerce provider like Shopify WooCommerce Magento Custom Add icons for connection types and shopify, woocommerce, …

Once the data is ready, Marketing and Sales teams can gain a huge advantage by using a 360 unified view of your customers and measure the growth of customer-base and average customer value classified by service type (credit card, payroll card, pre-paid card, …etc.)

You can also enjoy a variety of analytical and segmentation options to utilize this valuable data.

For example, they can view the Al customer insights for better customer behavior analysis or perform an advanced geographical customer analysis, using heatmaps

Increase your average order value using the 360 product profile. Analyzing your orders and measure your products performance. Design your up-selling and cross-selling strategies using our recommendations engine and send Next Best Offer and personalized recommendations

A/B test your campaigns and journeys to reach the best conversion rates for each customers’ segment. Using our powerful real-time Al campaign performance analysis, you can adjust the channels, timing or content to reach the maximum conversion and click-through rates

Welcome your new customers, re-engage inactive customers, recover abandoned carts, send personalized promotions and more customer engaging communication using our powerful Omni-channel marketing campaign manager and automated journeys

Let your marketing team focus on strategies, and leave the marketing automation journeys to our engine to handle on behalf of you. Whatever your target audience and campaign goals are, the automated journeys will guarantee continuous and optimized growth at every step and touchpoint

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Create a unified customer view from various different tools and sources

Mobile marketing

everything from social media marketing, to text message marketing, to mobile website optimization

Marketing Automation

Maximize efficiency by automating online marketing activities


Enjoy the endless possibilities for omni-channel marketing automation in every industry