SMS Marketing Has A Striking Open Rate

90% Of SMS Messages Are Read In The First 3 Minutes We Help You Send The Most Effective SMS With Very Little Effort!

Key Features

Multi-lingual SMS builder

Create Sms Templates In Any Language Including Arabic. Select From A Wide Variety Of Emoji And Preview Your Sms Before Sending. Calculate The Number Of Characters And The Number Of Sms In Each Language

SMS Personalization

Include Any Personal Information About Your Customer In The Sms, I.e Name, Birthdate, Zodiac, … Etc

Short Links

Generate As Many Short Links As You Need Directly From Your Sms Builder

SMS Tracking

Track Every Action Taken By Your Customers Starting The Moment They Receive Your Campaign. Analyse And Improve Your Campaign Performance And Calculate Your Ctr And Roi

A/B test Your SMS

Send Different Messages To Different Customer Segments And Measure Their Success


You Can Use This Feature To Send Otp And One-time Messages, Like Order Confirmations, Online-banking Transaction Alert, … Etc.

Multiple Sender Names

As Long As You Provide The Right Proof, You Can Reach Out To You Customers Using Unlimited Number Of Sender Names, I.e Different Branch Names For The Same Brand

Multiple Gateways

And You Can Also Use As Many Sms Providers As You Need. I.e Different Local Providers At The Same Country Or A Local Provider In Each Country You Operate In

Banned Words

You Can Configure A Global Pool Of Forbidden Words That Nobody Can Use In Any Campaign, So You Don’t Have To Review The Messages One By One

Phone Numbers Validations

We Save You Effort And Money By Eliminating Any Invalid Numbers, And Eliminating International Numbers From A Local Campaign

International Numbers Support

You Can Use Multiple Sender Name From Multiple Countries To Target Your Global Customers

Automated Opt-Out Options

And Finally You Can Ensure And Manage The Consent Of Your Recipients By Automatically Adding Subscribe Or Unsubscribe Options At The End Of Each Message

When Is It Best For Your To Use SMS As A Marketing?

When Contacting The Baby-boomers Gen Who May Not Own Smart Phones Or Not Familiar With It

When You Need To Make Sure Your Message Arrived To The Right People At The Right Time, Regardless Of The Internet Connection Availability,I.e Airlines Notifications

When You Have A Quick And Concise Message And Need A High Link Click-through Rate

Instant Real-time Messaging, Like Alerts, Reminders, Location-based Offers. I.e Credit Card Usage Alert

When You Need To Make Sure Your Message Arrived To The Right People At The Right Time, Regardless Of The Internet Connection Availability,I.e Airlines Notifications

If you’re targeting audience in a country where data is expensive or Wi-fi is less common, it becomes easy to send content through SMS


Is Sms Obsolete Due To The High Usage of WhatsApp?

The Global Mobile Business Messaging Increased By 10% In 2020 Due To The Many Advantages They Still Have: No Smart Phones Or Internet Connection Is Required And More Convenient To Older Generations.

SMS were mainly used for “Customer Service” purposes, like:

Whatsapp Business Is Not Expected To Replace Sms Messaging In The Near Future, As The Need For Sms (Otp, 2fa,Alerts, Etc) Is Increasing. As Per Gartner, 80% Of Customer Service Organizations Will Be Using Sms And Messaging,Rather Than Native Apps By 2025.

The average CTR for link clicks in SMS is 19%, 4% higher than email campaigns.

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