Improve Your Patients Experience With Simple Automated Marketing Steps

Almost 50% Of Patients Choose Healthcare Providers That Care About Personalizing Customer Experience

Providing more personalized experiences Automation allows you to target specific patient groups based on their medical histories, behavior patterns, location, interests and other characteristics But not all healthcare organizations have the right technology to improve their patients’ experiences and still comply to HIPAA.

When a healthcare provider does a good job of personalizing customer interactions


Of patients feel like they care About earning their business


Are more likely to choose them

Fortunately, Lagorta is offering the right technology for your business to thrive. You can utilize Lagorta’s marketing automation solutions to:

We also make sure you are compliant with the HIPAA rules and every other data privacy law.

Lagorta’s automated journeys give you some simple, yet high impact, marketing automation strategies that help you boost your patient acquisition and engagement, like:

Integrate With Your Other Patient Management Tools

Create a unified 360 view for all your patient details by integrating with all other tools that you use like a hospital information system, patient management system, appointment scheduling software, billing software, practice management software, or call centre.

Generate New Revenue Stream Monetize Your Data

Health insurance companies, hospital chains, pharmaceutical chains, etc. can offer great market insights using the detailed data, they collect through invoicing, about which hospitals, doctors, and medications are used by patients and can also offer these entities access to run targeted campaigns on their anonymized data, with conforming to HIPAA and all data privacy laws. 

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