Double Your Conversion, Maximize Your Engagements

With The Right Marketing Tools And Tactics, Facebook Messenger Marketing Can Achieve Your 10x To 80x Better Engagement Versus Email or Facebook News Feed

Marketing Through Messenger Tends To Result In Much Higher Open And Click-through

Messenger Has Up To 80% Open Rate And Up To 20% Click-through (Ctr) Rates

Email Standard Click-through Rates Are Roughly 4% Email Marketing Has An Open Rate Of About 5% To 10%

Facebook’s News Feed Has 0-2% Open Rates And The Click through Rate Is No More Than 2%

We Will Help You Apply It The Best Way Ever

Drive The Maximum Opt-ins, Purchases, And Retention Using Facebook Messenger

Understand Your Customer

It’s Important To Understand Who Your Customer Is From The Early Start. We Equip You With Various Customer 360 And Advanced Insights Tools To Help You Improve Your Personalization And Avoid Generic Messages Which Immediately Disconnect You From The Customer. Using The Customer 360 Insights, Your Messages Will Offer Valuable And Interesting Content That’s Truly Relevant To Your Consumers.
Using Information Such As A Person’s Gender, Age, And Location, You Can Automate The Process Of Predicting A Customer’s Buying Journey.

Humanize Your Conversations

Initiate two-way friendly conversation messages using the “Automated Journey” builder triggered by your customers’ change of state and actions.
Through our Facebook Messenger dynamic, you can build a personal relationship by greeting them with their real name. Our Al recommendations engine will help you suggest the products they’re looking for based on their needs and past behavior.

Integrate It Through The Customer Life Cycle

Higher Purchase Value

Shorter Purchase Time

Increased Brand Awareness

Less Churn

Messenger can be integrated at any point of the customer life cycle, from inquiries to after-purchase support. You can use it to push your customer through every stage of your sales funnels by:

  • Keep their favorite products on top of their minds by sending updates about a product they are interested in
  • Keep your brand on top of their minds by sending regular updates
  • Follow up to complete purchases, especially when online shopping carts are abandoned
  • Send Discount codes to increase loyalty

Reward Your Top Customers

There are many ideas you can show them your appreciation using our Automated Journey Builder on Facebook Messenger

  • Send them a private thank you message
  • Send them a surprise behind-the-scenes photo
  • Tell them they’ve won a spot prize
  • Send them a virtual birthday card.
  • Re-engage Customers – Send we miss you messages and vouchers

Facebook Messenger In Customer Care

59% Of People Who Message Businesses Say That Doing So Provides Faster Response Time Than More Traditional Channels

Send Automated Maintenance Messages

Engage With Helpful Content

Send Shipping Updates

Send Product Releases And News

Answer Customer Questions

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