Use Cases

A common misconception associated to big data analytics is that it’s for large enterprises only.

However, any business can utilize marketing analytics to offer a better customer experience. Lagorta serves firms of various sizes in different industries, and helps them convert the wealth of data they have into valuable actionable insights.

Data Monetization

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) gather precious subscribers’ data like location, web browsing information, detailed demographics, and behavior patterns.
Telco operators depend on Lagorta to offer their enterprise clients and business partners an Engagement as a Service messaging platform.
Using anonymously aggregated data, marketers of a CSP’s business partner are able to determine where their potential customers are, what interests they have, and offer them interactive contextual engagements through multiple channels and devices.

Consistent Omni-channel Personalized Offers

The demanding customers of the digital age expect top level products and services packaged in the most personalized experiences.
Omni-Channel features make it easy to capture target users’ interaction at each touch point throughout the customer journey. Using 360-degree customer profile data along with marketing automation capabilities, Lagorta enables marketers to run the most tailored campaigns with more relevant offers based on individual preferences.
The results is maximum optimization of marketing spend, enhanced KPIs - like increased conversion rates, and extreme satisfied customers.

Real-Time Churn Prevention

Various techniques, RFM analysis for example, are utilized to identify high-risk customers.
However, identifying those customers is only half the objective. With critical capacities like the customer data platform, Lagorta makes it easy to assess the risks, in real-time, based on the customer behavior, like browsing a competitor’s website or repeated filing of complaints regarding a certain service.
Automatic campaigns and AI-driven decisioning can then raise an alert to customer service, or even trigger the most suitable retention offer and send directly to the customer.

Automatic Contextualized Content Generation

Recent research indicates that Autonomous marketing systems will issue 55% of multichannel marketing messages based on marketer criteria and real-time consumer behavior, resulting in a 25% increase in response rates. Moreover, the Content Marketing Institute reports that, content marketing - when done right - gets 3 times the leads per dollar spent compared to paid search.
And with the advances of natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, marketers will be looking more into solutions to generate contextualized content.
Gathering and analyzing tons of details related to psychographics of the target audience, Lagorta helps marketers not ensure that all generated and delivered content is relevant to the person receiving it, but also thought the correct preferred channel. .