Omnichannel Personalized Engagement

Create the ultimate personalized experience and establish an unbreakable bond with your customers.

Integrated Ads Management

Make the best of each platform to maximize your ROAS. Apply various techniques, like A/B testing and dynamic content for mail shots, and manage different ads on different platforms: social media ads, display ads, SMS, etc.

Personalized Promotions

Spreading your interactive communication messages across different channels is guaranteed with Lagorta’s abilities to provide social media management, automated email and mobile marketing, web ads, and in-app messages.

Customized Marketing Communication

Your customers will be more engaged and responsive when they get the right message at the right time through the right channel.; that’s what Lagorta has to offer in terms of personalization and interactive engagement.

Tailored Campaign Management

Through Lagorta, you can manage marketing campaigns that run on different platforms, such as e-mails, social media, or mobile SMSs. Lagorta also helps you measure the campaigns’ performance through the different platforms.