Fast Lane Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers across multiple channels through carefully considered interactions that are personal, in-time, and effective, to retain your customers loyalty and trust.

Real-time Decisioning

Lagorta provides a powerful decision which utilizes various techniques like rule-based and algorithmic options. The result is having real-time decisions for triggering campaigns with the right mix of content, channel, at just the right time.

Campaign Orchestration

Lagorta enables you to harness your campaign workflow and master your marketing efforts through picking the most relevant channels and running interactive marketing campaigns.

Multi-step Engagement

Across several stages, you can convey engaging messages, produce interactive content, and deliver individualized offerings to every user according to their profiles.

Event Triggered Approaches

Lagorta tracks your customers journeys and actions, and then helps you act accordingly. You can create automated offers or promotions to be sent to your customers, based on certain events or actions they take throughout their journeys.